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Customer Voice

GreatRift General Merchants

Thank you JapanCarInfo!!

Great car, Thank you
Mrs. Heather N Scott
Cayman Islands

Happy with this car!!

So this has been a long journey since March. From finding the car I wanted to it not being sellable.... to the salesman John not giving up in finding me the "one for me". To having the car sit in their port for 2 months because Jamaica's port was too full to accommodate anymore cars. Finally this week it arrived on my island. I couldn't be more happy with this car. My daughter informs me it's not a female but a male. So meet my new baby Santana!!! To John thank you for being awesome and I'm sorry I was such a pain! ❤️
Mr. Bouncer Tangisai Shereni

Many thnx JapanCarInfo.

Many thnx for the delta, we recievd it in xcellent condition, its literally a brand new car
Keep up the good work in supplying excellent vehicles.
Mr. Dniel Riley

I have just received my truck

I have just received my truck in Bahamas, still looking sparkling new. The vehicle is intact and performing well, thank you JapanCarInfo.

JapanCarInfo is Simply the best.

Car arrived on time and in perfect running. Have nothing to complain. Happy to have had this purchase from JapanCarInfo . Thank you so much !!
Mr. Aaron Gitonga

I love the experience with JapanCarInfo!!

I love the experience I get from JapanCarInfo. I recieved my Toyota Land Cruiser in excellent running condition. I am glad to recommend others JapanCarInfo to try it out.
Mr. Ahmad Dabche
United Kingdom

Great Experience!!

Dealing with JapanCarInfo has been a great experience. I appreciative to the JapanCarInfo team for the best products i received. This Volkswagen Sharan was smooth, clean and clear. Thank you.
Mr. Paul Kunda

Thank you JapanCarInfo.

Thank you so much JapanCarInfo. My Mitsubishi Pajero is just good exterior and interior. The engine is perfect. Keep this great standard of supplying good cars to all your clients.
Mr. Elifuraha Francis Mchomvu

The vehicle arrived safely.

The vehicle arrived safely and it's in a very good condition. I love JapanCarInfo. Thank you JapanCarInfo.
Ms. Mbabazi Gisa Doreen

I Received My Vehicles

I received my vehicles in good order. Thank you so much JapanCarInfo for the wonderful job. I am very happy.