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How will the new Fit Hybrid\'s gas mileage fare in the real world?

[15th Sep, 2013]
Honda has announced that the new FIt Hybrid due to be released this September will be the most fuel-efficient car in Japan at 36.4 kilometers per liter, so now everyone\'s attention is on the real life figures. We tried to estimate the actual gas mileage of the new model using data submitted to e-Nenpi, a service that collects and distributes data on fuel efficiency.

Below is Honda\'s estimated fuel efficiency compared to data about the current model of Fit Hybrids submitted to e-Nenpi in the last month.

Fit Hybrid (1.3 liter, continuously variable transmission)
Actual fuel efficiency: 20.1 kilometers / liter
Manufacturer\'s estimate: 26 kilometers / liter
Rate of efficiency achieved: 77%

When we look at the ratio of actual fuel efficiency to estimated fuel efficiency, we can see that it\'s 77% for the current Fit Hybrid. If this rate holds true for the next model, it may have an actual fuel efficiency rating of about 28 kilometers per liter.

The average rate of attained efficiency for Honda\'s hybrids is relatively high at 78% (according to data from e-Nenpi.) Honda intends to increase the fuel efficiency of its newly developed hybrid system by 35% over the conventional one, so the actual fuel efficiency could potentially increase.

Currently, the most fuel-efficient vehicle is the Toyota Aqua at 24.3 kilometers per liter. The day may soon arrive when the Honda Fit will become the new king in gas mileage, and not just on paper.