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Left Hand Drive Conversion

In Japan most of the vehicles manufactured and exported to overseas countries are Right Hand Drive, on the contrary some countries have strict rules and regulations on the vehicles that are driven on their roads. Prior to importing a vehicle to your country it is advisable to properly go through all the import rules and regulations on the vehicles in your country to avoid unnecessary problems after the vehicles is imported.

Traffic Co., Ltd. provides you an option to convert your right hand drive vehicle to left hand drive before the vehicle is shipped to your country. To give an idea about the steering conversion technique and process followed please check below steps:
1. Steering Wheel Positioning: The position of the power assisted steering wheel is changed from right to left along with its proper functionality.
2. Dashboard Allignment & Positioning: As we are changing the vehicle from right to left hand drive the dashboard need to be replaced with all its controls and functions on the left hand side. Driver Airbags position will also be changed.
3. AC duct positioning: Accessories like air conditioning ducts, blower motor, wires, cables etc. should be repositioned.
4. Rack & pinion exchange: Vehicle's steering rack and pinion to be excahnged with the left hand drive racks. The position of the pedal for clutch, brake, accelerator have to be changed.
5. Angle adjustment and side mirror positioning: In case the vehicle has controls on the door for power window, power mirrors etc. the doors have to be removed and replaced. However, it is not required in case the controls are present in the mid section of the vehicle.
6. Shift Knob replacement: For safety and comfort of the vehicles having automatic transmission, the floor console and the gear shift should be changed.

The steering converted vehicle has a completely changed driving system that is allowed to be driven in the left hand drive countries. Steering conversion is a complex process including expert level of mechanical, technical and electrical work to optimize the vehicle with all its driving comfort into left hand drive vehicle. To convert steering specialization is necessary and Traffic Co., Ltd.is right place to do it, we follow a professional approach and have trained and skilled staff dedicated to this work. For Steering conversion you should only trust the best and professional company to avoid serious damage to your vehicle.