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Cars for US Military Personnel

Your Preference

Kindly provide us your preference and budget for the Japanese used vehicle you want to purchase from Japan Auto Auctions. We want to have a clear idea about your requirement so that we can execute successful bidding in the auctions.

Total Price Calculation

How much does it cost to get a car from Japan Auto Auctions, please take a look at this page:
Car CostJPY200,000
8% Tax+JPY16,000
Auction Fee, May Vary+JPY7,560
Recycle Deposit, May Vary+JPY11,000
Our Handling Fee+JPY54,000
Total CostJPY288,560
Your DepositJPY30,000
As Balance+JPY258,560
Full paymentJPY288,560

Attend Auto Auctions

We invite you to visit the Auto Auctions with us which are located in Yokohama area. We follow completely transparent process while buying vehicle from auction, you may also check all the proceudres we carry out to get high quality vehcile from auction at best price.

Search for your Preference

With our experience of 28 years in used vehicles export industry, we will be happy to assist you to choose your preference from thousands of cars and check its condition together.

Make Bid for your Preferred Car

We will try to get your preference car as cheaply as possible within your budget. Before bidding for the vehicle you need to leave a deposit of JPY 30,000.

Successful Bidding

Congratulations!! your bid won, we will send you the invoice to make the balance payment.

Failed Bidding

If bid is failed, we will return your deposit or you can use it for the next bid.

Final Payment & Vehicle Delivery

Please make balance payment as per the invoice. We will get the documents release from auctions and arrange for the delivery of the vehicle at our stock yard.