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One Price FAQ's

Q: What do you mean by One Price ?
A:  One Price Stock also commonly known as Fixed price stock, No Bargain Stock are the vehicles available from different sources at particular price that are not negotiable. These vehicles are already at average prices and can be sourced through Traffic Co., Ltd..
Q: Can we get more vehicle images & information?
A:  In case of the one price stock the necessary images are displayed along with the inspection sheet. One price data is huge and not possible to show all vehicle photos. You can inform us for the vehicle you like to buy and we will get you more details and photos of the vehicle.
Q: What if the required vehicle is not available in the One Price stock?
A:  Do not worry!! Traffic Co., Ltd. provides you access to our Stock and Auctions as well to find your required vehicles. Still if you are not able to find your vehicles please provide us the details in the inquiry form. We will source you the required vehicle from the Japanese local Market.
Q: What is the payment condition?
A:  Send us your inquiry for the vehicle you want to buy from One Price. Our staff will share the proforma with the price and vehicle specification. You can deposit the payment in our Japan Bank Account once you agree with the Proforma.
Q: Cannot find the vehicle I checked yesterday in One Price?
A:  One price stock is updated on daily basis. It might be possible the vehicle you have checked yesterday is sold out and removed from the one price stock. You can check the other available vehicles and make inquiry for the required vehicle. We will reserve it for you.