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Container Service

Container Services are also provided for the vehcile export from Japan along with RORO by Traffic Co., Ltd. for overseas buyers and dealers.
Containerization or vanning is a process to put vehicles in particular schema in the containers, so that the vehicles can be safely shipped to destination ports. Container service is basically used in case of bulk order, landlocked destination countries or where the RORO shipment is not possible. There are 2 types of Containers that are available for shipment: 20ft & 40ft containers. Usually single luxury cars can be packed in a 20 ft container, whereas 40ft container can be used to ship 3 to 6 cars depending upon the vehicle size and mode of vanning followed. We recommend 40ft contaiers to the clients who are importing the vehicles in bulk to save cost and import multiple vehicles.

Proper safety measures are undertaken while packaging the vehciles in the containers to make sure the vehciles are not damaged while shipment. Every container is sealed and there is no risk of car parts stolen or damaged in container shipment. Thus container shipment is the most safe method of shipment based on the following reasons:
1. Vehicles can be shipped in bulk safely in container shipment.
2. Low cost for bulk shipment as compared to RORO Shipment.
3. Can be easily sent to the landlocked countries.
4. In countries where RORO shipment is not available container shipment is best option.
5. Vehicles and parts are safe and least risk of damage during shipment.

Container Shipment cost is including various charges like: Per Unit Freight Charge, Terminal Handling Charge, Documentation Charge, Vanning Charges and Seal Charges. Traffic Co., Ltd. provides complete container & vanning solution for all types of cars, trucks, Buses, Bikes, Tyres etc.